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Bottled Blue Bubble Toilet Cleaner

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Product Name: Bottled Blue Bubble Toilet Cleaner
Use range: pumping toilet
Product size: 6×6.8cm
Product net weight: 80g
How to use: Put a piece into the water tank of the toilet, let it stand upright, wait for the water to turn blue, then it can keep the toilet clean and remove the odor.
Note: 1. It takes time to fully dissolve the cleaning paste. The color will be lighter or no color in the first three days, and the color will be evenly displayed after three days.
2. In the case of household use, one bottle can be used for 2-3 months. If it is used in a public place, the usage time will be shortened accordingly;
3. Due to the different types of toilet tanks, the time for displaying colors is also different. If it is fast, it can be displayed in about 2 hours. If it is slow, it takes about 3 days.
4. Remove the odor, the product itself has a light fragrance;
5. It can keep the toilet clean, but the original dirt needs to be cleaned manually;
6. It can be used in a regular size toilet tank. The tank of the smart toilet is small and may not be suitable.



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